Багатофункціональні та комфортні крісла

Multifunctional and comfortable armchairs

MartinPufs — will allow you to spend your time comfortably and relax as much as possible to your body.

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Individual orders

We make an individual orders.

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Logos and initials

We sew logos and initials on the armchairs.

Advantages of MartinPufs

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Lightweight and durable

We don't use rigid structures, so the chair is light, but at the same time strengthly.

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Easily transformed

Easily transformed due to the ability to adjust all moving parts.

Переваги MartinPufs
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Convenient sizes (You can order another size)

  • Length 100cm;
  • Width 50cm;
  • Height 40cm.

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Minimum weight

MartinPufs armchair weighing only 6 kg.

Our armchairs


A comfortable MartinPufs armchair will complement the interior of any premises.

Unique design and the ability to transform, allows you to use the armchair for a variety of needs.


MartinPuf with pouf

The pour can be used as a footrest or separately from the armchair.

With the help of simple movements, it can be expanded and turned into a stand under the armchair.


MartinPuf with stand

If you need an armchair of greater height, you can order a special stand.

The stand also protects the bottom of the armchair from damage.